Peru Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat

Join Lotus Retreats for a 9-day yoga and mindfulness retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Immerse yourself fully in the beauty of Andean culture and philosophy, adventure into nature and explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, Pisac, Cusco & more..

April 18-26 2020

Your facilitators, Ivanna Kalyani + Loren Lotus have authentically curated this offering; they’ve pulled from their own experiences of the magic of Peru. Grounded in philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, movement and connection to the ancestry of the andean culture, this retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wisdom that is inherent in these sacred lands. Join us for an intimate retreat & adventure in the Sacred Valley infused with ancient Andean philosophy and ceremony!

What's Included:

  • 9-days & 8-nights accommodations in the Sacred Valley and Cusco

  • 3-vegetarian meals a day (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free options available)

  • Daily yoga classes (hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative style)

  • Personal group guide for each excursion and activity

  • Opening & closing ceremony

  • Mother Earth offering

  • Despacho Ceremony / Nature Offering

  • Tour of Cusco Ruins & Cusco Temple of the Moon

  • Day Trip & Tour of Machu Picchu

  • Visit to Ollantaytambo city center

  • Visit to Pisac shopping market

  • Optional tour of Maras Moray

  • Optional tour of Kinsa Cocha

  • Transportation from Cusco to the Sacred Valley and return to Cusco

  • Train rides & transportation to/from Machu Picchu

  • Guided Travel Expertise & Travel Tips

  • Goodie bags from our Peru Retreat sponsors!

The Experience:

Peru is said to be one of the jewels of South America, and is the home of many Andean civilizations and their compelling Cosmovision that has touched the heart and spirit of all that have come to visit these lands. The complex ethnic and cultural mixture of Peru presents an entwining of indigenous philosophy, mysticism, and religious practices, that is manifested in the country’s music, literature, textiles, handicrafts, and abundant cuisine. Together we will journey through time, tracing the expansion of the Incan empire, which was one of the most extraordinary events of history to date.

Explore the Andes…

Beyond the yoga mat, we will venture into the beauty of the Andes with excursions such as hiking mountain trails, exploring ancient ruins, listening to traditional music, gastronomy and more. Our practice of mindfulness helps cultivate a sustained state of presence so that as a group we can really prepare ourselves to receive the true medicine that Peru has to offer. We are so excited to share with you some of our favourite spots!

Learn about Andean philosophy…

The Andean Cosmovision is a way of perceiving and interacting with reality that has its roots in the traditional, indigenous culture of the high Andes. This Cosmovision is not a set of concepts or beliefs and it cannot be described or encompassed by words. However, it can be experienced and it can be explored. In the Andean Cosmovision, the universe is undifferentiated and unified. It is a path with a heart and it nourishes a more loving and mutually supportive relationship between ourselves and nature and the Cosmos. A focal point of this retreat is centred around educating ourselves on how to respect the philosophy of the ancestors of these lands. Our guide, a dear friend and member of the Q’ero tradition, will help embed this understanding into our hearts so that we may carry this wisdom with us long after the retreat week has ended. 

Retreat into the Sacred Valley of Peru at a beautiful bio-constructed retreat center surrounded by a variety of flowers, native herbs and water streams with musical background.


  • Retreat into the Sacred Valley of Peru at a beautiful bio-constructed retreat center surrounded by a variety of flowers, native herbs and water streams with musical background. Our retreat center consists of seven chakra inspired bedrooms with private bathrooms to provide you days of harmonization and inner discovery.

  • Wake up each morning at the base of majestic mountains views, right underneath a beautiful waterfall nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with natural luxure at your doorstep.

  • Located in the small village of Huandar Chico - Arin, 10 minutes away from the city of Calca and 20 minutes away from Urubamba city. It is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, only 1 hour away from Cusco city and 2 hours from the majestic archeological site of Machu Picchu.

  • Our retreat center is facilitated by a family that enjoys practicing yoga and living in harmony with nature, welcoming every type of visitor that desires to share this dream. The facilities have been designed to have the least possible impact on the surrounding ecosystem, maintaining a virtual non polluting exclusive operation.

  • Here you will experience the native cultures (Quechua speaking) with outstanding service. Their contributions with love and simplicity help make our retreat center a unique place to stay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

the yoga

  • Practice yoga surrounded by the beauty of the Sacred Valley and the majestic Andean mountain views as we move, breath & practice mindfulness in each moment.

  • Our focus on meditation and mindfulness is used as a tool to cultivate profound presence and openness that we will carry with us into each activity and excursion. Some workshops will be run by Loren + Ivanna while others will focus specifically on the Andean cosmovision - a philosophy that we will be learning about throughout the course of our retreat week.

  • Asana - Each day of the retreat will include physical asana, meditation and pranayama. Most of our days will begin with a 90-minute Hatha or vinyasa flow class to build our physical practice and to awaken and enliven the body. 

    For days with longer excursions, our meditation and pranayama practices will be integrated at the sites that we are visiting. 

  • Meditation / Philosophy Workshops -  Whether it be a moving or mental meditation, we will practice controlling the fluctuations of the mind with simple meditation tools & techniques for increasing our awareness in the present moment. Simply by becoming more aware of sound, scent and the sensations of our own feelings we increase our ability to navigate our lives from a more centred space within ourselves. When we gather in ceremony we are gifted the opportunity to remember who we truly are. We are gifted the opportunity to return back home to ourselves.

  • As we learn to integrate all the wisdom learned in our philosophy workshops, we will navigate the experience of the retreat week in a new way. Integrating our experiences in a new context; equipped with the proper knowledge to truly understand and feel into each excursion and activity.

the Excursions

  • Develop a deeper connection and understanding of Andean philosophy/Cosmovision and find yourself experiencing the culture in a whole new way. The Cosmovision provides a path for discovering profound aspects of ourselves and the Cosmos. We will spend time educating ourselves about Peruvian philosophy and the ancient offerings of the Andean civilizations that have so greatly influenced the present-day culture in Peru.

  • Throughout the retreat, we will offer excursions to explore ancient ruins, temples and historic sites for a deeper understanding and connection to Peruvian culture.

    Each excursion will be guided by your facilitators as well as our local guide, Numitor, for an authentic exploration of each site. Between excursions, we will have free-days to rest, relax & process each experience. 

    Cusco Ruins/ Temple of the Moon:

    Enjoy a full day of cultural immersion in the ruins around Cusco that date back to the Incan empire, “Tihuantinsuyo”.

    Despacho Ceremony:

    We will join in ceremony together, calling upon the powerful elements of the lands around us, to unite with the collective intention of healing. This ceremony is offered by a dear friend and Q’ero master who will explain the elements of the ritual as we move along. 

    Machu Picchu:

    Uncover the secrets of Machu Picchu. One of the most awe-inspiring archaeological sites in the world, join us in exploring this sacred site and learning about it’s history in an authentic way.


    Called by many locals as “Ollanta”, it is an ancient Incan fortress that houses the famous temple in honour of the sun, “Inti”. After touring the ruins, free time will be offered to traverse the streets of this historic village that seems to be preserved in time. 

    Pisac Ruins:

    Pisac ruins house the remarkable Temple of the Sun and include large terraces that are undoubtedly rooted in agriculture. We will tour the ruins together and then make our way down to spend time in the markets down below. 

the food

  • Nourish your soul with local handcrafted meals lovingly prepared by our retreat center staff. All meals are organic with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

  • Prana, the air/breathe or life force energy we input into our bodies is the quality of the energy we expend. Throughout our retreat week, we practice conscious and healthy eating habits.

  • Mealtimes are a huge part of the retreat experience! Peru offers a beautiful scenery for us to gather. We allow for individual breakfast and lunch times for guests to sit with themselves or small groups while our dinner times are family style and all-inclusive with one another.

  • Some meals on long excursion days will be packed or purchase of meals on your own free time is optional.


Each day of the retreat will include 1-2 yoga classes, 3 meals & an excursion or workshop! Between excursions, we will have free-days to rest, relax & process each experience.  You're free to pick & choose what you'd like to participate in, while leaving plenty of space for relaxation, integration & individual study.

6:30am Silent sunrise, meditation and tea

7:00am Morning Yoga Flow

9am Breakfast

10am: Optional Excursion (Tour of Cusco Ruins, Pisac Ruins, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu)

1:00pm Lunch

4:00pm Workshop or Ceremonial Offering

5:30pm Yin / Restorative Yoga

7:30pm Dinner

to reserve your space:

A $500 nonrefundable deposit is requested to reserve your space. Remaining payments are due prior to 60 days of retreat start.

Payment plans are available with monthly or bimonthly payments.

If traveling solo, we can pair individuals in double or triple occupancies. If we are unable to pair you with a partner, single occupancy rates apply.

Spaces are limited and first come, first serve! Prices listed are per person.

Save $200 with early bird pricing 3 months prior to retreat start! Early bird pricing ends January 18th 2019.

triple OCCUPANCY - $2490

Triple Occupancy $2690

Double occupancy - $2590

Double Occupancy $2790

single occupancy - $2790

Single Occupancy $2990

One of a kind. Word can’t describe how phenomenal this place, the staff, the food, and this country are. If you want a heart opening experience, look no further
— Lotus Retreats Guest

for more information, schedule a call to answer any questions and learn more!


What is the nearest airport to Sacred Valley?

Cusco Airport; It is likely that you will have a layover in Lima before boarding another plane to Cusco.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included in the retreat week price. Roundtrip flights to/from Cusco airport are around $500 USD.

Do I need a Peruvian Visa?

No Visas are needed. However, it is recommended to check that your passport does not expire within 6 months of traveling to South America.

How do we get from the airport to the resort?

We will arrange for transportation from the Cusco airport to the retreat center in the Sacred Valley. Arrival information & details will be provided upon booking confirmation.

Are there ATMS in Peru?

There are ATMs to withdraw Peruvian currency. We also recommend bringing US currency and converting for Peruvian cash at money exchanges.

Is there Wifi at the retreat center?

Yes, however it is never guaranteed fast!

Do I need any vaccinations traveling to Peru?

There are no vaccines needed traveling to Peru. It is advised to only drink water from filtered sources and avoided drinking any tap water from the sink or shower. Please check the CDC Website for further information on vaccines & health precautions when traveling abroad.

I want to be in a triple occupancy but I am traveling solo. Can I be paired up?

Yes, we are happy to pair you up with others in a double or triple occupancy. If no pairing is available, single occupancy rates apply.

I am traveling alone! Will I be able to meet up with other traveling guests at the airport?

Yes! We have a Facebook group for all booked guests and aim to connect everyone prior to their travel into Guatemala so you can arrange meet ups and share taxis. We know traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating so we are here to guide you along the way!

What should I pack?

We will provide you with a full confirmation email regarding travel & packing tips upon booking!