Our Mission


Our mission is to deliver enriching retreats around the world where students can expand their yoga practice, explore and enhance their vision of the world by traveling consciously with other likeminded individuals. 

We invite you to escape with us to a place that pulls you out of your norm and into the world. A place that fosters your personal growth as well the collective growth of our world. We aim to bring people together in the practice of Yoga, which means to evoke Union and Oneness. Our retreat guests come from all over the world with various backgrounds and stories to share a unified experience with one another.

At Lotus Retreats all experience and levels are accepted and encouraged.  We aspire to create a space for you to continue your growth and personal exploration in a fun, supportive, and beautiful environment.  Our curated selection of genuinely beautiful locations and desire to foster a fun, lighthearted environment form the perfect setting for you to move, engage, take-in, and simply be.