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Surrender to nature and join us for sacred movement and meditation in the lush jungles and tropical Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The Experience

  • This retreat offer an intimate space for our students to grow individually and as a group. We believe in the power of community with family style meals, partner yoga and beach cleanups. We also encourage self-study, silent walks and individual space for our students to connect with themselves. Along with Yoga and meditation, each day of the retreat will offer an excursion of some sort to the surrounding sacred waterfalls, native riverbeds, indigenous tribe towns and national parks.
  • There is something for everyone to gain from this retreat experience! Begin your Yoga practice, expand an existing practice, dive deep beneath the layers of the Chakra system, connect with like-minded individuals, build community and a spiritual sangha, explore the lush land of Colombia and create an unforgettable experience.
  • The purpose of this Yoga retreat is to revive our creative fire and explore different Yogic practices to provide you with the tools to develop your personal practice and connect with other likeminded individuals. Through Asana (physical movement), meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), philosophy, education, music & community, we weave an entire week of offerings into one unique and unified experience.
  • Each day of the retreat will be focused on a different chakra of the body to develop an awareness of the chakra system! We then offer a variety of yoga class styles, workshops, group activities & meditations for building your practice.
  • Daily jungle adventures like Treks to Waterfalls, Sacred Pools, River Tubing, Horseback riding & Trips to the National Parque Tayrona & Lost City are offered to experience the beauty and bliss of COLOMBIA. If desired, individual exploration is encouraged also.

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Ryann Tillman

Yoga Instructor & Fascial Stretch Therapist


  • 500-Hour RYT, Passion Yoga, Costa Rica
  • 200-Hour ERYT, Ayur Eco Ashram, Mysore India
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist, Stretch To Win, Arizona

Ryann believes that yoga has the power to positively transform our lives. She earned her 200 hour yoga teaching certification while living and studying in an ashram in Mysore, India. She traveled to the birthplace of yoga in search of a traditional and authentic yoga education and experience. Once back in the states she became a full time yoga teacher and never looked back. 

She teaches a Hatha inspired class with an emphasis on breath, awareness, and body control. She aims to make each class feel steeped in Indian tradition and lineage. After a few years of teaching she decided that it was time to drive deeper into the transformational healing side of yoga and expand her knowledge as a teacher and student. She earned her 500 hour teaching certification in the magical jungles of Costa Rica with Passion Yoga.

Since her time in the jungle Ryann still teaches classes full time and teaches in yoga teacher trainings. Her path also led her to Fascial Stretch Therapy(fst) as a way to help speed the physical healing/recovery process and flexibility that yoga offers. With yoga and FST Ryann has a passion to guide people towards a more connected, positive, and healthy life.