Lotus Retreats are always held in locations that have maintained their natural beauty to allow you to better connect, both with the world around you, and with yourself.  

We travel to each location prior to our retreats to select resorts that are family run, hire locally, and provide our guests with organic and local foods that are connected to the culture and community of their Country.

It is important to us that our retreat destinations maintain the culture, community and the utmost natural beauty of their land.

Lotus Retreats currently host on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and the Northwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua where you’ll practice yoga and meditation surrounded by stunning views of the caribbean sea and/or pacific ocean.



The current home of our Colombia Retreat is the Gitana Del Mar Beach Resort meaning “Sea Gypsy”. Family owned and locally staffed, this resort offers such value to our retreat experience. The land of the Gitana Del Mar Resort is full of enriching soils, sand and raw jungle scenery surrounding you with nature’s finest. The resort is eco-friendly meaning the entire resort is functioning off one generator and uses significantly less energy than most. There is no television or air conditioning at the resort but the high ceilings, open showers and breeze filled seating areas are enough to keep you cool.

Rise Up Surf and Retreats Nicaragua - Sudden Rush-1.jpg


The home of our Nicaragua Retreat is the Rise Up Surf Resort on the Northern pacific coast of Nicaragua. Also family owned and locally staffed, this resort offers a very fun and laid back family style experience where all guests can come together in the communal areas, the pool, and head down to the ocean for a pacific sunset. Although the resort has air conditioning and well furnished rooms, we encourage guests to explore the surrounding areas of the resort equipped with cabanas and hammocks!

This place is blessed with the meaning of beauty! From the very walk way leading up to the entrance I felt caressed with the feeling of peace, comfort, and love. I felt as if I entered another planet like the one in the movie Avatar except there were beaches here. It was flat out beautiful.
— Stephen, Colombia March 2017
Rise Up Surf, Nicaragua

Rise Up Surf, Nicaragua


Our retreat staff will support you to and from the resort with any travel questions you may have. We always encourage retreat guests to explore various cities before and after the retreat to make the most of their travel! We can offer recommendations and insight on our favorite places, sites to see, partnering hotels and trusted transportation.