About Lotus Retreats

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver enriching experiences around the world where travelers and seekers can explore a diverse variety of excursions, landscapes, cuisine, and culture while expanding their knowledge and practice of Yoga, meditation & self-discovery.

The Retreat Team

Lotus Retreats curates a talented and trusted team of passionate Yoga Instructors, enthusiastic leaders, and savvy world travelers. Our retreat facilitators are highly-trained, well-traveled and dedicated to expanding your Yoga practice, enhancing your international, cultural journey and delivering an enjoyable, unforgettable retreat week for the group.

Daily Yoga

Each retreat offers daily yoga classes, tailored to suit all levels of practitioners. Morning practices are Vinyasa/Hatha style to energize and invigorate the body. In the evening, we will soothe and calm with Yin/Restorative practices.


Traditional asana was created for more easeful and sustainable meditation. Join us each day as we explore our connection and understanding of the energetic body through meditation and pranayama (breath control).


What is the power of knowledge if it cannot be shared? Our leaders and guides will conduct workshops and discussions to expand your understanding and comprehension of various skills, history, and philosophy.

the Excursions & Adventure

A huge component of our retreats comes from our inherent connection with the nature and the culture of each country with daily excursions and activities. Adventure through the mountains, trek through the jungles and take a stroll along the most beautiful beaches around the world. Some activities include river tubing, white water rafting, waterfall trekking, horseback riding, zip-lining, surfing, volcano sliding, hot springs and visits to cultural sites like temples, ruins and indigenous homes. 

the Culture & Traditions

We travel the world in order to pull us out of our routine and comfortable surroundings to see what else exists beyond our lives. There is a sacred practice behind most cultures and traditions that can be learned and explored through visiting indigenous sites, communities, and cultures. 

We encourage guests to participate in local community and cultural events throughout each retreat week to fully immerse themselves and find the differences and similarities between various cultures. 

Tribes and leaders will make offerings during our retreat week and share their traditions with our groups out of love. We’re here to respect their land, their culture, and to appreciate the sharing of knowledge and wisdom across cultures.

the Food & Cuisine

We believe an essential part to the retreat week is the delicious cuisine offered in each country! Enjoy the most delicious handcrafted meals made with loving hands in the resort kitchens. Most foods are locally sourced, organic and offer a unique taste to the culture and foods from each country 

We encourage family style meals as meal time creates an experience that should be celebrated together! Of course, some meals are offered on your own or with the freedom to select your own restaurant or plate depending on the week.

the Community

The entire point of group travel is to explore, grow, and experience a new destination together. While some guests are travelling within the group solo, it is important that above all, a safe and inclusive community is created. We take pride in the collective we build during our retreat week and the new network we create long after it is over!

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Ryann Tillman

Yoga Instructor & Fascial Stretch Therapist


  • 500-Hour RYT, Passion Yoga, Costa Rica
  • 200-Hour ERYT, Ayur Eco Ashram, Mysore India
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist, Stretch To Win, Arizona

Ryann believes that yoga has the power to positively transform our lives. She earned her 200 hour yoga teaching certification while living and studying in an ashram in Mysore, India. She traveled to the birthplace of yoga in search of a traditional and authentic yoga education and experience. Once back in the states she became a full time yoga teacher and never looked back. 

She teaches a Hatha inspired class with an emphasis on breath, awareness, and body control. She aims to make each class feel steeped in Indian tradition and lineage. After a few years of teaching she decided that it was time to drive deeper into the transformational healing side of yoga and expand her knowledge as a teacher and student. She earned her 500 hour teaching certification in the magical jungles of Costa Rica with Passion Yoga.

Since her time in the jungle Ryann still teaches classes full time and teaches in yoga teacher trainings. Her path also led her to Fascial Stretch Therapy(fst) as a way to help speed the physical healing/recovery process and flexibility that yoga offers. With yoga and FST Ryann has a passion to guide people towards a more connected, positive, and healthy life.