Expand and enhance your vision of the world with a retreat week of Yoga classes, workshop offerings, meditations + nature & cultural excursions. 

Upcoming 2018/2019 Retreat Weeks:

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Soulful Surf & Yoga Retreat with loren lotus & kelly pender

Aposentillo, Nicaragua

January 8-13th 2018


Self-realization & empowerment yoga retreat with loren lotus & jonatan silva

sierra nevadas de santa marta, colombia

July 30th - August 4th 2018


Self-Realization & Empowerment Yoga Retreat

Tarara, HaVana, Cuba 

February 12-17th 2018


Self-realization & empowerment yoga retreat with loren lotus & beatriz bonnin

Sierra Nevadas De Santa Marta, colombia

March 25-30th 2018

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tulum tranquility & peace retreat with loren lotus & Ryann Tillman

Tulum, Mexico

june 3-8th 2018


Self-realization & empowerment yoga retreat 

Bali, indonesia

april / may 2019

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